From Ash

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From Ash by M. Chris Benner

From Ash

Richard “Richie” Cunning experiences unusual occurrences when he purchases a house at a police auction. Human remains found in a sewage line—quickly followed by a second horrifying discovery. But instead of finding nefarious spirits, he uncovers an awful, but rational, explanation – and, over time, Richie learns to embrace his knack for unraveling such savage, bizarre mysteries.

Police struggle for leads as children disappear, their baby monitors hacked by an unknown predator…

Shocking GPS footage from a group of missing hikers…

A ravaged body found in a car during pick-up at the local elementary school…

…and many more, each brutal mystery begging Richie’s attention, and each leading him one step closer toward becoming the very thing he hunts.

Readers describe From Ash as “a must read” and praise Benner’s ability to draw them into the lives of his vivid, beautifully crafted characters. From cults to witches to kidnappings, From Ash delivers on its promise to take readers on an unpredictable, twisty ride.

Genre: Horror