Frogs and Margaritas

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Frogs and Margaritas by Angel Ramon

Frogs and Margaritas

From the author of Pina Coladas and Rats comes a brand new 1980s-era creature horror adventure! This time, it might prove even scarier than killer rats.

Justin, a college student studying archeology heads to Puerto Rico to study the ruins of the Taino Indians. What is supposed to be a fun expedition turns into a total nightmare. There is a dark secret lurking in the lands of Puerto Rico. Three valuable Taino relics keep Puerto Rico from being cursed by the spirits of the extinct people. Grave robbers attempt to make a quick payday by stealing the relics to sell to collectors.

What nobody knows is by stealing the relics, they have given birth to a horrid curse. It’s a curse that converts harmless frogs and toads into killers that will give people nightmares for years. It’s not limited to just frogs either, even iguanas will convert to cannibalistic killers.

Justin will soon discover this curse is deeper than anyone can comprehend. He will be led to the forbidden temples of the extinct Taino people where his worst fears will come to life. This will not be his normal Indiana Jones adventure.

Justin and his classmates caught in the middle have to find a way to survive the curse of the Taino Indians while trying to reverse the curse. If not, the frogs will be enjoying the margaritas on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Frogs and Margaritas promises to be quite the nightmarish combination that will make you rethink visiting any tropical island or even drinking that next margarita!

Genre: Horror
#DarkFantasy #Occult
Deal End Date: 2024-06-29