Forgotten Fates

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Forgotten Fates by SJ Doran

Forgotten Fates

The queen seeks vengeance, the demon craves love. A deal is made.

To kill the death god after her soul, she’d need a divine forged blade. In order to unearth the Sword of Divine Justice, Amara needs the help of the demon she’s not prepared to face. After suppressing her feelings for centuries, she’s forced to confront the shell of the princeling she loved, now Demon King of the Hells.

Before the death god claims his prize, she needs vengeance against all those who had a hand in harming her and destroying her Cassius. To keep his mind intact, their shared past must remain buried, a task that becomes more perilous with every harsh truth that comes to light. 

Cassius spent years as a mindless puppet, living to serve his father’s will, before usurping his throne and becoming King of the Nine Hells. He survived, but with no memory of the girl he once loved and no resemblance to the demon prince he once was.

His deal with Amara upends everything. He’s remembering. He’s yearning–for something indefinable, an emotion no demon should recognize.


Intended for mature audiences 18+

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Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-03-23