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Flee by Caroline Clark


When everyone gains from killing you, who do you trust?
“I was hooked right from the beginning.”

Jenny’s world is destroyed when her parents are brutally slaughtered just before her birthday.
Who would do such a thing?
Who could do such a thing, for her parents are powerful and believed in magic?

Forced to flee, Jenny faces death, despair, and torture as the pawn in a game of immortality. At the hour of her birth, the supernatural deity, Aldona, will grant immortality to the one who sacrifices her.
Who should she trust?
Who will help, and who is secretly planning that sacrifice?

When the stakes are immortality, anything goes. With her loyal dog, she must trust no one if she is to survive the supernatural forces raised against her. She must defeat the Numen who enjoys death and tends to play with his food. He has awakened forces he cannot understand and has bound to himself creatures he will never control. With his childish sense of humor and a belief in his own superiority, he will extinguish her life to grant his own immortality.

Flee, an intense psychological horror combines pulse-pounding terror with dark magic and a world of secrets.

Praise for Flee, the occult horror:
“Excellent writing, chilling story”
“A masterful horror”

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-11-21