Flashes of Fright

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Flashes of Fright by D. T. Adams

Flashes of Fright

Horror stories that are limited in length but still packed full of terror, dread and death
Flashes of Fright contains 13 horror stories, each of which is 1,000 words long. These stories include …

– ‘Level 25’. A video game character with a mind of his own dreads facing the final boss.

– ‘One Bad Deed Deserves Another’. A high-flyer ignores a little girl he knocks over and is taught a fateful lesson.

– ‘Seawash Manor’. Two siblings spend the night in a haunted house and have a life-changing experience for the worse.

– ‘What a Way to Go’. The king of a disease-stricken nation has a gruesome punishment in mind for a prisoner.

Witness horrifying, unspeakable acts and watch as people meet their maker in disturbing ways. See how the deranged wreak havoc, cause chaos and bring lives to a close too soon. And stand by as innocent people face gruesome, deadly punishments.

If you’re looking for some rather short horror stories, you’re bound to like reading Flashes of Fright.

Buy now and prepare to be scared, upset and freaked out by these extra-short horror stories.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2024-01-10