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FIREFANGED by Rory Surtain


Book #1 of the fantastic Demon in Exile Saga.

Colivar is a medieval realm suffering seemingly random attacks by a vicious menagerie of demonic beasts.

In a remote city on the edge of the kingdom, a young man named Ara crosses paths with a demonic assassin and somehow survives. Not realizing the extent of the threat or its consequences, he joins an order dedicated to fighting the demonic. By embracing the life of a demon slayer, Ara must figure out his own path and come to grips with a mysterious dark soul that shares his fight from within.

The Demon in Exile Saga offers a nine-book blend of pain-filled action, drama, and twisting plotlines in a medieval, military, paranormal fantasy novel where the characters are as strong as they are flawed and mystery abounds.

Appropriate for Young Adult and Adult readers.

Genre: Horror