Ephemeral Creatures

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Ephemeral Creatures by Gregory Mattix

Ephemeral Creatures

When Kevin gets behind the wheel drunk after a night out with friends, that leads to tragic consequences. The ensuing car crash kills his best friend and seriously maims another. After spending ten years in prison for his crime, he believes he’s finally come to terms with the tragedy and is ready to try to put his life back together.

That all changes when he starts seeing the specter of the young woman he’d killed. And as she begins to reveal her secrets, one shocking revelation rocks Kevin’s world. Hoping to find both answers and some measure of redemption, he embarks on a perilous road, one that puts him on a collision course with a madman who possesses a terrifying supernatural power. Kevin will have to enlist the help of his old friends, even if they want nothing to do with him, in order to try to right the wrongs of the past and survive the danger that awaits.

Ephemeral Creatures is both supernatural thriller and poignant meditation on the power of love and loss, from the author of Remember Tomorrow.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2024-01-02