Dead House Kree

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Dead House K’ree by Will Payne

Dead House Kree

Before disappearing into the wastelands, Quintha the Navigator entrusted her grandson with her cursed sword.
He lost it…and doesn’t want it back.
But it wants him.
As punishment, his self-serving grandfather imprisons him inside their ancestral home, forcing him to wear an empty scabbard as a mark of shame. And while Skren plots to escape his 3,000 days of reflection, the conniving monks assigned to guard him loot the palace.
Once they find the secret to K’ree sorcery, he’s a dead man.
Until one day, the Navigator’s bones arrive in the City of Scholars and the blade awakens from its deep slumber…thirsting for blood, souls, and carnage.
And now they need his help.
As he hurries to reach the Autumn Palace before the day of his grandmother’s interment inside the Brass Pavilion…
a blasphemer poet languishes in the prison of a cruel magistrate,
a bullied prodigy wages a silent war against the malignant spirits haunting her infamous academy,
and a bonebraid embarks on a dangerous journey into the Land of the Dead to safeguard the city that scorns her.
Can the last scion of House K’ree resurrect the old family magic before the Navigator’s vengeful sword sends more screaming souls to the Corpse Palace?
The Witcher meets Game of Thrones in this dark fantasy tale of betrayal, redemption, and revenge.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-12-06