Dark Tidings 1

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Dark Tidings by Ryan O'Neill

Dark Tidings 1

Abandoned to the streets as a child, enslaved, trained as an assassin, and perhaps destined to become the “Darkborn” the very embodiment of evil itself. Chael thought he had left all that behind when he fled from those who wanted to use him for their own schemes and machinations. He and his loyal companion, the undead wolf Michik, fled to the one place on the continent he thought his past wouldn’t dare pursue them. But old ghosts have returned and demons once again stalk the Western Forest. When unlikely messengers bring news of a friend long dead, Chael must choose whether to return to the world he left behind or turn his back on the humanity that hates him. No matter his choice, Darkness is enshrouding the world of men. Old masters, zealous cultists, raging demons, and other unspeakable evils all vie to control the power of the Darkborn.

Genre: Horror