Dark Fangs Rising

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Dark Fangs Rising by C. Thomas Lafollette

Dark Fangs Rising

Luke Irontree fled to Portland to escape vampires…and his memories. He failed.

Born in the first century, Luke has been hunting vampires since the gods made him their immortal weapon. Now he’s one man awash in a sea of fangy monsters. When Portland’s most vulnerable disappear, he’s the only one who even cares.

Things go from bad to FUBAR when he realizes he’s number one on the menu. Fortunately, a nosy werewolf and a tough human woman are determined to join forces with the curmudgeonly hunter. While he appreciates the help, he fears he won’t be able to keep them alive.

With the gutters running red with the blood of innocents, three against an army of bloodthirsty villains might not be enough. Luke will have to dig deep to overcome his own trauma and forge the group into a force to be reckoned with. But if he fails, it’s not just a city’s survival but his immortal life that hangs by a fraying thread…

Deal End Date: 2023-03-13