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Conquest by Robbie Dorman


Werewolves and wildfires surround the town of Conquest, Idaho. Who will survive when Conquest burns?

Tensions are running high in the small mountain town of Conquest, Idaho. Newly elected Sheriff Heather Hill is on one side, corrupt Mayor JH Bieter on the other, a standoff in a culture war. With a wildfire approaching, battle lines begin to form. As the cold war heats up, Heather and JH are at each other’s throats. But they have more to worry about than the fire.

The Pack has arrived in Conquest.

A ravenous gang of bestial shapeshifters, they are hungry and eager to show their dominance. Conquest makes a perfect target. Now Heather, JH, and the people of Conquest must fight for survival as blood and ash fill the streets.

Genre: Horror