Coming Out of the Coffin

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Coming Out of the Coffin by D.A. Holmes

Coming Out of the Coffin

In the shadows of a double life, Vladimir Radu attempts to hold on to his many secrets. A vampire working the night shift as a store clerk, hiding away from the unrelenting sunlight and his insatiable bloodthirst, he also grapples with his own personal demons of sexuality and insecurity.

Balancing his newfound life among humans, Vlad tries to keep up appearances as an ordinary young man living in New Jersey, while keeping his old fashioned undead parents happy. However, once they find out about his latest decision to no longer drink blood, they may have some objections.

Through it all, standing beside Vlad is his best friend, Alison Grady. Together they traverse his complex and unusual life. As the threat of vampire hunters, bashful butlers and meddling occultists looms, Vlad must find the strength to confront his father’s disapproval and embrace himself for who he actually is. It is time for Vlad to finally come out of the coffin!

Coming Out of the Coffin is a heartwarming LGBTQ+ tale and bloody coming-of-age story infused with both horror and comedy, showing the importance of friendship, the value of self confidence and being true to yourself.

Genre: Horror