Carnal Magic

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Carnal Magic by Joely Sue Burkhart

Carnal Magic

I want to run—so he can catch me. And ravage me like the beast he is.

I inherited a mountain in rural Arkansas and three million dollars from a great grandmother I never knew. But all these riches pale in comparison to the amazing magic that surges through me as soon as I step foot on my family’s land. Evidently the women of my family are powerful witches who are gifted with carnal magic.

I’d planned to claim my inheritance, take a few pictures of the old family house, and then drive back home. But the small town of Sweetbriar Hollow and Redwine Mountain refuse to let me go. From the very first night, I have vivid dreams of a hot spring hidden in the heart of my mountain—with even hotter men.

They’re only the bait to lure me… to him.

An ancient god of darkness lies in wait, plotting his revenge on the Redwine witches who left him trapped all these years.

He knows me. He smells me. He hears every beat of my heart. He tastes me and burns to drink my pleasure again and again. His monstrous hunger will never be satisfied, and he’s been waiting for centuries.

For me.

Genre: Horror