Bug Boy

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Bug Boy by Ever Walker

Bug Boy

Deep in Antarctica, something is waking up…
When a devastating tsunami off the coast of Japan unearths a mysterious rock with an ancient engraving, an unlikely trio of college students are catapulted on a quest that will carry them to the furthest reaches of the Earth.

Transported from the sunny Southern Californian coastline to the rugged Smoky Mountains, the bustling streets of New York, and the icy wastes of Antarctica, their search will drive them to uncover a horrifying truth that will bring them face-to-face with a creature beyond their understanding.

As an unholy swarm of insects begins to colonize the world, the students’ search for the truth will bring them to madness, murder, and a world-ending plague that threatens all of humanity…

Step into a chilling and imaginative novella that artfully combines unspeakable eldritch horror with a dash of humor, hair-raising action, and occult symbolism. Bug Boy is a page-turning read that’s perfect for fans of classic Lovecraftian horror with a twist. Scroll up and grab your copy today…

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-07-27