Book of Souls

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Book of Souls by Brad Magnarella

Book of Souls

Every wizard’s story has a beginning…

Let’s go back to the night I turned thirteen, the night Grandpa sliced my finger with his cane sword.

I can’t say what terrified me more, the cold anger in his eyes or the crazy things in his locked study. A talking trunk. Squirming coats. A bookshelf whose titles shifted before my eyes. And one chilling title in particular: Book of Souls.

Ten years later and I’m en route to a Romanian monastery, in search of that lost book. But I’m not the only one. Three others have beaten me to the local village: two researchers and… well, I’m not sure who Flor is, other than Spanish, secretive, and sexier than a summer dress.

Can I trust her — or any of them? I don’t know, but we’ve got werewolves on our scent, not to mention an ancient curse hanging over the remote ruins.

Getting there and back is going to require serious cooperation.

Or serious magic.

Book of Souls is the prequel to the quarter-million selling Croftverse. If you like occult action, spell-crackling suspense, and moments of heart, heroism, and all-out laughter, you’ll love Prof Croft!


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Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-03-26