Bits of Magic and Blood


Bits of Magic and Blood by C. Elizabeth Priestley

Bits of Magic and Blood

“ He found her sitting by the ocean- knees bent, pressed to her chest, arms wrapped around herself. Bathed in silver light, her hair was the darkest shade of gold. If she were in the sun, it would have sparkled with ribbons of red. But tonight, she was under the soft light of Selene’s moon.

A breeze, warm and gentle, blew back a strand of hair that twisted in waves down her back. The white peplos she wore was dirty with sand. She sat just beyond the waves that lapped the shore. They rushed toward her, only to stop at the tip of her bare toes. She was watching the stars.

“Do you know the story of Orion?” she asked.

First, she was a priestess stolen from the steps of her temple.

Then, she was a ballerina caught in the throes of a revolution.

Now, she’s a pawn in a game of immortal greed.

Follow Hunter as she revisits memories of the past to untangle the web of the future. From the placid beaches of ancient Greece to a moonlit gathering of vampires, every choice she makes brings her one step closer to reuniting with the ones she loves most.

Knowledge comes in many forms and her latest adventure leaves her wondering if some dark memories were kept best locked away.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-02-12