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Asylum by Amy Cross


Annie Radford is a murderer. After shooting her own little brother dead, she’s sent to the notorious Lakehurst psychiatric hospital, where she’s placed under the care of Nurse Winter. But Lakehurst hides many secrets and ghosts, and Annie’s guilt might not be so clear-cut after all.

As she tries to get used to life at Lakehurst, Annie starts to realize that a dark presence is lurking in the shadows. Someone is conducting hideous experiments on both the living and the dead, and one of the greatest evil forces in history is preparing to return. Before she can get to the truth, however, Annie has to try to survive the ‘special treatment’ she receives from Nurse Winter.

Meanwhile, Annie’s not the only one who’s finding life at Lakehurst strange. Another patient lives in constant fear, terrified of a burned man who appears when she’s alone. The hospital’s janitor is haunted by the ghosts of nuns who are buried near the main building. And in the attic, an old man is waiting for his chance to get revenge. But how is all of this connected to that fateful day when Annie aimed a gun at her brother and pulled the trigger?

Asylum is the first book in the Asylum trilogy. This is the 2022 edition of the original 2012 book.

Genre: Horror