All American Sweet Meat A Bloody Horror Story

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All American Sweet Meat – A Bloody Horror Story by T.T. Creapson

All American Sweet Meat A Bloody Horror Story

WARNING: Graphic, bloody and disturbing content inside. This is a horror SHORT STORY. It is meant for mature readers with strong stomachs only.

So dear reader, now that the warning is out of the way I must confess something. I’m not quite sure how to summarize this story. Perhaps you could do that for me. Nonetheless, I offer you the beginning:


All American Sweet Meat

She tasted like fine wine. Though, I’m pretty sure imagine need to get tested after her. Sicknesses have become rampant in this city, running through the population like rabid dogs without any sort or restraint. I met her on the street, and she asked if I needed a good time. She was trembling, not because of the cold or because of the urge she had to fix with a needle, but because of the way I looked at her.
Imagine it. Me – simple old me, a scrawny middle aged man working as a camera operator for the local news station. Women are afraid of someone like me.
I have a way about me. I look at them, and they start shaking. I can’t deny the flavor that fear adds to their tender meat, though. I always thought that was a lie, that the hormones released from the brain right before the slaughter make the meat an addictive type of sweetness. Oh, I was happy to be wrong.


This is your last chance reader to turn away and not read this. I admit I didn’t want to write it, but I couldn’t stop myself. They make me write these, don’t you see?

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-04-13