ADA An Anthology of Short Stories

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ADA: An Anthology of Short Stories by Shawn Robinson

ADA An Anthology of Short Stories

Brace for a triple-dose of adrenaline with this three-book collection, including a sci-fi novella packed full of action and twists, and two creepy short stories sure to hit that macabre spot deep inside!

In the Sci-fi Novella ADA, Teran’s world, submerged in a future of uncertainty, unravels after a mission gone awry. Part-man, part-synthetic, Teran faces choices that could reshape his destiny, all while navigating a flooded world filled with suspense, surprises, and relentless action.

But the thrills don’t stop there. In Eyes in the Garden, Phil finds himself in an enigmatic old house, haunted by a mysterious warning that adds an eerie layer of suspense.

And just when you think you’ve caught your breath, TAP thrusts you into Antarctica’s icy depths, where Eric, a bored security guard, must outrun the chaos unleashed by a perilous experiment.

Join the anthology that promises an electrifying journey through diverse genres, weaving tales of intrigue, mystery, and heart-pounding excitement. With each turn of the page, Shawn P. B. Robinson beckons you into a world where nothing is as it seems, ensuring you’re hooked until the last word.

Prepare for a literary adventure that will leave you breathless and craving more!

Genre: Horror