A Thing Immortal

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A Thing Immortal by Barry K Gregory

A Thing Immortal

When an unspeakable ancient evil returns, an orphan girl’s secret may be the world’s only hope.
After witnessing the murder of her mother and enduring captivity by outlaws, a young girl finds herself the slave of a brutal mountain man. Trapped by magical wards carved into the trees surrounding a trapper’s shack, the girl almost gives up hope.

The arrival of a ghostly gunfighter, as pale as the moon, changes her fate. An old man with long, stringy hair and a penchant for quoting Shakespeare, he promises her escape and freedom, but only if she trusts him with the only thing she has left… her name.

Together with a giant wolf made of living shadows, the girl and her protector embark on a fateful quest across the hauntingly beautiful plains to confront an ancient evil that threatens to engulf the world.

“A slam-bang mix of old west myth and dark fantasy legend, A THING IMMORTAL is a gritty, gunslinging triumph, chock-full of powerful medicine. “TRUE GRIT meets THE WITCHER.” — Victor Gischler

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2024-01-18