A Good Old Fashioned Nightmare

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A Good Old Fashioned Nightmare by Clay Hutton

A Good Old Fashioned Nightmare

Do you believe in the paranormal? Ghosts? Demons? The occult? What lurks in the shadows just out of sight in the corner of your eye? Well if you do, Nate Sullivan is really hoping you have the cash available to “help” you expel your lucrative fears.

Nate, once a man stuck in a dead-end job and living an unremarkable life, has discovered his true calling. That calling, you ask? Having the prestigious roll of a Ghost Hunter along with the quasi-support of his morally ambiguous friends. Does he believe in his work? No. Does he believe in the paranormal? No. Is he confident he can make an income off the weak and vulnerable? Absolutely! Does this make him a bad person? Probably…but what’s the worst that could happen?

Evil. Evil could happen. Lots of evil with lots of blood and gore—definitely a death or two…because of the gore and blood and whatnot. But will our everyday man rise to the occasion and become the hero he needs to be to fight against the malevolent creatures of hell? Or will it be really scary and dangerous, so much so that it would be safer to just go home and pretend that you saw nothing at all.

If he’s anything like you and I, he’ll go home. Unless, of course, he doesn’t have a choice.

Genre: Horror
Deal End Date: 2023-07-14