what hotel was in american horror story

What Hotel Was In American Horror Story

5 Locations from American Horror Story

American Horror Story is one of the most popular horror television shows of all time. It has had nine seasons, with more in development. One of the things that makes this show stand out is its locations. From a haunted mansion to a hotel, each season offers something new and exciting for viewers. Let’s take a look at five iconic locations from American Horror Story and what makes them so memorable.

The Murder House (Season 1)

The very first season of American Horror Story takes place in Los Angeles, California at the infamous “Murder House.” The house is said to be cursed and has a dark history involving murder and hauntings. Throughout the season, viewers are treated to ghostly visitations as well as some intense jump scares as they follow the Harmon family through their struggles with supernatural occurrences.

The Hotel Cortez (Season 5)

Perhaps one of the most iconic settings in American Horror Story is the Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles. This creepy hotel is home to vampires, serial killers, ghosts and other strange creatures that lurk within its walls. The hotel itself looks like a gothic dream come true, with its deep red walls, heavy drapery and spooky atmosphere. It’s no wonder why this setting was used as a backdrop for some of the show’s most memorable moments!

The Roanoke Colony (Season 6)

American Horror Story took things up a notch with Season 6 by introducing us to the Roanoke Colony in North Carolina. This mysterious location has been shrouded in secrets since it was established by English settlers over 400 years ago. In this season we get to explore this eerie location through flashbacks as well as modern day visits by characters who are trying desperately to uncover its secrets before it’s too late!

Outpost 3 (Season 8)

Outpost 3 was introduced during Apocalypse, which takes place after an apocalyptic event devastates Earth leaving only a few survivors left alive on Outpost 3–a luxurious underground bunker that houses some of society’s wealthiest citizens and their staff. Although Outpost 3 isn’t necessarily scary at first glance, it becomes increasingly clear throughout the season that something sinister is going on beneath its shiny exterior–from secret experiments being conducted by scientists working for The Cooperative to hidden agendas among the inhabitants themselves!

Camp Redwood (Season 9)

In 1984, Camp Redwood becomes yet another iconic location for American Horror Story fans when campers arrive for summer fun but instead find themselves face-to-face with deadly forces from beyond the grave! With its wooded grounds surrounded by mountains and lakeside cabins filled with secrets and surprises lurking around every corner – Camp Redwood has something for everyone!

No matter what type of horror fan you are – there’s bound to be an episode or season of AHS that will scare you silly while also keeping you guessing until the very end. With so many unique settings ranging from haunted mansions to post-apocalyptic bunkers – each season promises something new and exciting! So if you’re looking for some thrills and chills this Halloween season – then turn on your favorite AHS episode today!