Stronghold by Ron Tufo

StrongholdRon Tufo


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Set in Mark Tufo’s Zombie Fallout world.
He is coming here boys. If you are not sure of it, I am. I am staying here even if you both take your families and go nomading all over the state.” Thus, Tony quickly and completely ended the discussion of where the Talbot Stronghold was going to be as Mike and his family, hopefully, made their way northeast to Maine.
In true Marine fashion, the debate was over and the decision was made. Now it was up to all of us to make sure we were still holding down the fort when Mike and his family arrived. Gary still wasn’t sure the compound was defensible. Ron didn’t think he had enough trucks. Tony knew his sons though. They would find a way to make it work and to keep the clan intact right to the end of the battle between good and evil.
The Talbot Family is pretty much a self-centered, semi-paranoid, supremely sarcastic little family.
They are fiercely loyal to each other and perfectly willing to shoot any who are not contained within their circles. Sometime even the ones who are.
The fact that they all up and moved to a small town in Maine and have surrounded themselves with all types of barricades even before the zombie outbreak tells you more about them then you ever wanted to know.
They will stop at nothing to protect their families and friends and fight at the slightest provocation. Zero tolerance is their well-used motto.
From a crazy Indian spirit to sarcastic teenagers, from grumpy old men to unexpected heroes, this family will awe you, surprise you and probably even piss you off.

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