The Twelfth of December by Michael Vischi

The Twelfth of DecemberMichael Vischi


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In 2029, United Nations gathered to solve the biggest crisis that the world was eminently facing – the number of deaths, compared to births, increased to an all-time high: six to one. In pursuit of an answer, The United Nations turned to the independent company, TITAN United. Partnering with the Military, they co-created a naval research vessel that operates around the Chagos Islands. Lithirium is a cutting-edge gene therapy that extends the average life-span by 50%. Unfortunately, Lithirium is only compatible with people who have a very specific gene. For people without that gene, Lithirium mutates – turning them into something far from human. The day they discovered that difference, was the day the USNRV Miranda went missing.

The USS Thomas Jefferson aircraft carrier is deployed to find the missing ship, and escort it back to Key West – a mission not new to Charlotte Hyacinthe, or the team with her. Charlie discovers TITAN has not told them everything, when they find only two remaining crew members: one completely healthy and one in the middle of dying. After trying to save his life, small incidents begin breaking out all over the Jefferson.

In the middle of the ocean with nowhere to run, the crew of the Jefferson realizes they will have to fight back before they are consumed by whatever consumed the crew of the Miranda. If they do manage to deliver the Miranda to Key West as ordered, can they really let what is happening on board… reach land?

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