George A. Romero Between Night and Dawn

George A. Romero Between Night and Dawn


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George Romero s name may be synonymous with the living dead subgenre, but his filmography is far richer and more varied than his reputation as the zombie guy would suggest. Following the breakout success of his debut feature Night of the Living Dead, the director would embark upon a series of projects which, whilst firmly rooted in the horror genre for the most part, demonstrate a master filmmaker with more than mere gut-munching on his mind.

In There s Always Vanilla, Romero s sophomore 1971 directorial effort, young drifter Chris and beautiful model Lynn embark upon a tumultuous relationship which seems doomed from the outset. 1972 s Season of the Witch (originally filmed as Jack s Wife but released to theaters under the title of Hungry Wives) follows the exploits of Joan Mitchell a housewife whose dissatisfaction with her humdrum life leads to an unhealthy interest in the occult. Lastly, 1973 s The Crazies, which sees Romero returning to more straight horror territory, has a small rural town finding itself in the grip of an infection which send its hosts into a violent, homicidal frenzy.

Taken together, these three early works, made in the period between Romero s celebrated living dead outings Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, serve to display the broader thematic concerns and auteurist leanings of a skilled craftsman too often pigeonholed within the genre.

— High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard DVD presentations
— Original Mono Audio (Uncompressed PCM on the Blu-rays)
— English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
— Reversible sleeves for each film featuring original and newly-commissioned artwork by Gilles Vranckx
— Limited Edition 60-page booklet featuring new writing on the films by Kat Ellinger, Kier-La Janisse and Heather Drain

— Brand new 2K restoration from original film elements
— Brand new audio commentary by Travis Crawford
— Affair of the Heart: The Making of There’s Always Vanilla brand new documentary featuring interviews with producers John Russo and Russell — Streiner, stars Judith Streiner and Richard Ricci, and sound recordist Gary Streiner
— Digging Up the Dead The Lost Films of George A. Romero archive interview with Romero discussing his early films There s Always Vanilla and — Season of the Witch
— Location Gallery with audio commentary by Romero historian Lawrence DeVincentz
— Memoribilia Gallery
— Trailer

— Brand new 4K restoration of the original theatrical version from the camera negative [90 mins]
— Alternate extended version [104 mins]
— Brand new audio commentary by Travis Crawford
— When Romero met Del Toro filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro in conversation with George Romero
— The Secret Life of Jack’s Wife archive interview with actress Jan White
— Alternate Opening Titles
— Memoribilia Gallery
— Trailer

— Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative
— Brand new audio commentary by Travis Crawford
— Romero Was Here: Locating The Crazies Romero historian Lawrence DeVincentz takes us on a guided tour of Evans City, PA and the locations used in The Crazies
— Crazy for Lynn Lowry cult star Lynn Lowry discusses her early career including her role in The Crazies
— Q&A with Lynn Lowry filmed at the 2016 Abertoir Film Festival
— Audio interview with producer Lee Hessel
— Behind-the-scenes footage with optional commentary by Lawrence DeVincentz
— Alternate Opening Titles
— Image Galleries
— Trailers & TV Spots