That Wicked Apple: A Scary Tale of Snow White & Even More Zombies by Rob E. Boley

That Wicked Apple: A Scary Tale of Snow White & Even More ZombiesRob E. Boley


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All has not gone according to plan for the seemingly evil Queen Adara, who was raised in a life of privilege that afforded her grand riches by day but horrific traumas by night. Growing up, she always saw herself as damaged until the day she found her magical Mirror, which reflected the potential for more power than Adara ever dreamed possible. At last, she could control her own destiny–if only she were fairest in all the Land.

Of course, magic is a naughty beast.

Adara’s grand ambitions have cursed the maiden Snow, unwittingly turning her into a maniacal zombie. Snow now leads a growing horde that has overrun the village of Abundance. The same spell has stripped Adara of her powers. On the outside, she is as strong and beautiful as ever, but inside, she’s warped in ways she does not yet fathom. In order to stop the chaos she has begun, she must partner with the dwarf Grouchy, who despises her, and his band of misfit survivors. Only by working together can they stop Snow before her terrible curse spreads beyond Abundance and threatens Adara’s entire kingdom. Except dark secrets lurk in the surrounding woods, where something terrible and twisted now grows from That Wicked Apple . . .

The Scary Tales is the perfect series for lovers of fairy tales, fans of zombie horror, and anyone that enjoys an epic fantasy adventure.

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