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Beyond the Mirror: Seechers by M.K Williams

Beyond the Mirror: SeechersM.K Williams


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Beneath the surface of a London top university, an ancient society known as The Seechers, operate. They protect the world’s biggest secret. A hidden gateway to the subconscious world. Unlocked only by a mysterious liquid, found deep within the human brain.

Intense dreamer, Aris Fletcher, moves back home to look after his sick father. Transferring to the local university to continue to care for his father, Aris begins his second year in Philosophy, a month late into the term. Once there, he becomes captivated by fiery and intelligent Maya Green, who won’t give Aris the time of day unless he joins the PP Club. After Aris surprisingly solves the answer to the Professor’s long standing ‘impossible conundrum’, he’s given a place in the elite Research Associates Group, known as the PP Club. Maya finally lets her guard down with Aris and she recruits him to help her on her personal quest to uncover a mystery that’s baffled her for years. What’s a Seecher? Do Seechers exist?

Aris starts to scratch the surface of this mystery and after spying on Professor Maxwell, Aris discovers that the Professor disappeared into a Mirrored Room. As Aris and Maya get closer to unravelling what Seechers are, shadowy abductions begin to occur on campus. After some shocking home truths hit Maya and an attack nearly kills Aris, the pair are put on very separate paths until Maya finds out who has abducted her father.

Aris, having spent time with the Seechers and now armed with knowledge of how to access a different dimension of reality and the ancient secrets that they protect, tries to help Maya rescue her father, but only seems to make things worse. The Seechers, after testing Aris in the Mirror Sands to see if he has what it takes to become a Seecher, become alarmed at what they find out about him and Aris finds hidden strength through a mysterious connection to a celestial being.

About the Series

This is Book 1 of a 5-part series. Book 2 is due to release in January 2022. The story of the series sees the continuation of the adventures of Aris Fletcher and the Seechers. Each book ends of a cliff-hanger, leading into the next book. The series is fully mapped out as Aris goes on a dark journey to save the subconscious of mankind from a dark and evil force, in another dimension. The central relationship is between Aris and Maya, whose friendship first develops in Book 1 when Aris and Maya must work as a team to figure out the mystery of the Seechers and how to save Maya’s father after his abduction. As the Series develops, so does their codependent and complicated love for each other.

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