ANNABELLE CREATION Life Size Movie Prop Doll

ANNABELLE CREATION Life Size Movie Prop Doll


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Today we offer you: The most iconic horror prop doll in modern history.

We we present to you: ANNABELLE:CREATION

Autographed on the back of the neck in person by the stars of Annabelle:Creation
1. Talitha Bateman aka Janice/Annabelle
2. Samara Lee aka Bee/Dead Annabelle
3. Lulu Wilson aka Linda
4.Tayler Buck aka Kate
5. Grace Fulton aka Carol

When someone enters the room you can bet they will be running for their life when they see this scary life like Annabelle. These have been great for Haunted Houses or private parties as well as high demand for quality VIP collectors.

This special Haunted Annabelle prop doll consists of over 50 intricate pieces and by no means made like a cheap toy but is made to last for many years of haunted fun. Every stitch, every stroke of paint and every aspect of the aging process was meticulously hand-done. The eyes have a glass appearance and are made of acrylic material. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world, unless you visit Ed and Lorraine Warren’s museum and see the real thing. The doll is approximately 37″ inches from head to toe. The arms and legs can fold like a real dummy puppet.
Over 100 close-up pictures from all angles were taken of the screen used Annabelle doll while it was on display in Burbank, California during a short time during the Warner Brothers Studio lot tour.

The Haunted Annabelle Doll will come with a hand signed COA from The president of The Scary Closet.