The Hag (The Bloodletter Collections Book 2)  by Erik Henry Vick

The Hag (The Bloodletter Collections Book 2) Erik Henry Vick


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War is hell and a war with hell even more so…

Broken by terror, separated by time and circumstance, drawn back together again by insufferable evil, friends stood against the maleficent horror and survived once. But the demons have a new leader, and Toby, Benny, Shannon, Mike, and Scott now face the collected might of the demons inhabiting Oneka Falls.

They hunted the Demon King in the forest around the town and sparked a war with an enemy they barely understood. Worse yet, by attacking Herlequin and disrupting his plans, they painted a bright target on their own backs for the rest of the demons in the town. Led by Chaz Welsh and Lee LaBouche, the demons strike back, forcing the demon hunters to run for their lives.

The Hag advances the horrifying series that will bring back your childhood fear of the dark. If you like your hair standing on end, if you like your pulse pounding with fear, then you’ll love this terror-inducing, tense thriller from Erik Henry Vick.

The Bloodletter Collections:
    Demon King–Book One
    The Hag–Book Two (release date: September 6, 2019)
    Our Lady Chaos–Book Three (release date: December 6, 2019)

If you like your terror in smaller bites published more rapidly, the complete contents of the series is also available in The Bloodletter Saga..

Please note: The complete contents of this collection also appear in Wrecker and Black Swan, books three and four of The Bloodletter Saga.

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