That Merciless Truth: A Scary Tale of Goldilocks & The Mummy by Rob E. Boley

That Merciless Truth: A Scary Tale of Goldilocks & The MummyRob E. Boley


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In generations past, the dwarf named Goldenlocks belonged to a family of formidable witches. They enjoyed prestige and power until betrayal revealed corruption in their midst. Their vengeful fellow dwarfs bound Goldenlocks in bandages and left her to die–imprisoned in a forgotten tomb. Days passed. Years. Decades. Centuries. Thanks to a curse placed upon her family, Goldenlocks doesn’t perish, but lingers on the edge of madness until, centuries later, she escapes her crypt and wanders into the home of three bears. 

One is too big. One is too small. One is just right.

The three bears prove to be ferocious hosts, but Goldenlocks’ curse protects her. It also grants her the power to perceive truth amidst deception, be it from humans, dwarfs, animals, or the Land itself. These days, the Land screams in pain. Snow’s zombie horde has now invaded the Ascendio Kingdom, and the motley survivors who have sworn to stop Snow face their darkest hour. Pirates have captured the dwarfs Grouchy and Dim, while Queen Adara lies crippled and stranded in a remote forest. Even if Goldenlocks can bring them back together, they must reveal their darkest secrets and face That Merciless Truth . . .

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