Hell to Pay (Hell inc Series Book 2) by Dick Wybrow

Hell to Pay (Hell inc Series Book 2)Dick Wybrow


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This second installment has the same great characters as well as a few new additions that keep the story moving along. I laughed out loud more than once while reading. — Angel, GoodReads Review

The Actor is in trouble. The Running-From-the-Devil kinda trouble. Actually, he’s now literary running from the Devil.

Having joined Raz on a quest to save that man’s wife, The Actor saw first hand the power of the Crossroads.

So, in an attempt to save his ruined career, he does the unthinkable: the Actor makes his own deal with the Devil to become the “King of Hollywood.”

Of course, he was tricked.

He needs Raz to help steal the contract back. To come up with a plan to do that, they’ll need the gang back together.

But Anza, their brilliant planner, is now missing somewhere down in Mexico.

And, they’ve just gotten the news that their geriatric pilot, Uncle Jerry, was killed by an angry drug lord.

Their already impossible task has just become harder: the Actor is being hunted by a 19th-century gunslinger named Sally, who is hellbent on putting him down, making him an eternal slave to the Dark Lord.

Let the fun begin!


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