Werepups: Sookie

Werepups: Sookie


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Sookie was sculpted after the beautiful white Boxer of the same name, owned by Lindsay Garric, founder of “The Force Clothing,” and her husband Chuck Garric, bass player for the Alice Cooper band and frontman of his own band, “Beasto Blanco.” The black marking painted on the first Sookie’s forehead is the band logo, and her outfit was inspired by the “Live Fast Die Loud” album.

The Force Clothing is an awesome and inspirational line of garments designed to raise awareness through strong statements and rockin’ designs. The message is clear: You don’t need drugs to rock! It is a clothing line for all of those who have battled with or are battling addiction, for their loved ones and those who have lost loved ones. The Force raises money to benefit charities such as and Rise Together. These organizations are dedicated to education, recovery for addicts and help for families and loved ones of addicts.

“Having lost my father to addiction, the message behind The Force and the charities that they support means a great deal to me. Wearing the clothing at my table during shows, I’ve had people come up to me, share their stories, and thank me for pointing them in the direction of
The idea of this clothing line that appeals to young people, artists in the music industry and beyond, driven by inspiring people and worn onstage by legendary bands is definitely something I want to continue to support. ” – Asia Eriksen

WerePups from the Sookie sculpt will soon be available for custom order. As with all WerePups, production will be limited. There is currently only one Pup from the Sookie sculpt in existence! Stay tuned as more make their appearance, and we release information!