The Seventh Day  by Caitlyn Grey

The Seventh Day Caitlyn Grey


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Like everyone else in the world, Matt Bishop’s family has a dark past, a past that haunts them quite literally every day.

With the news of his father’s sudden death, Matt Bishop is forced to return to his childhood home, a place he’s avoided for the past ten years. After a terrifying incident at six years old, Matt was introduced to the thrilling world of the paranormal. If coming face-to-face once more with the torturous demons of his past isn’t enough, Matt has to deal with his older brother’s endless critique and his long-term girlfriend, Taylor, falling in love with the small coastal town of Redport, Massachusetts. With a weakened mind, the hauntings return tenfold. At first, Matt is convinced the terror stems from the Ouija Board he and his friends, Zack and Chip, played with religiously as teenagers. As Matt would later discover, the hauntings stemmed from something far worse.

Return to your childish fears of peeping around corners and looking over your shoulder. Gone are the days of feeling safe in your own home. With terrifying visual and encounters, The Seventh Day is sure to keep even the bravest of individual awake long into the night.

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