Hell Town  by S. K. Gregory

Hell Town S. K. Gregory


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Lani dreams of leaving Hill Town and touring the country like she did with her dad when he was alive. Even her hot boyfriend Rick can’t stand in her way, and when a lawyer comes to the diner where she works, it looks like she might finally have a way out.
If only she decided to leave sooner…

When animals start to die mysteriously, the town gossips are out in force, but they have no idea what is really going on. Hill Town is about to be plunged into Hell.

A fight for survival…

With a pit open in the forest that leads nowhere good, creatures are escaping and snacking on the residents and it will only get worse before the night is over. Lani and Rick try to figure out a way to stop it, but time is running out. By dawn, He will rise and the world as they know it will be over.

Can they shut the pit in time?

Welcome to Hell Town.

A horror novella – 18+. If you are a fan of the Evil Dead series, then be sure to check out Hell Town.

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