Freddy vs. Ash by A. Eggleston

Freddy vs. AshA. Eggleston


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In a mash-up that is sure to thrill horror fans everywhere, author A. S. Eggleston pits Evil Dead hero Ash Williams against A Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Krueger in an epic showdown that simply can’t be missed.

Freddy vs. Ash finds Freddy Krueger in the bowels of hell, determined to escape eternal damnation once and for all. If he is to return to the land of the living, however, he must find the source of his dream powers: the Necronomicon. An ancient book containing demon resurrection spells, burial rites, and funerary incantations, it has only been seen by one other person: Ash Williams.

Ash, also on the hunt for the Necronomicon, is determined to destroy the book before any more evil can escape into the world. His search takes him all the way to Springwood, Ohio, where the locals tell him of the bloody destruction that Freddy wreaked upon their children years before.

Ash soon finds the evil book, but before he can destroy it, Freddy manages to resurrect himself through Ash’s own sleeping body. With Freddy now on the loose, Ash must find a way to stop him before all those around him end up dead.

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