Six by Lucas Graeves

SixLucas Graeves


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Memories can be altered by the passage of years, but those that are buried never change.

Based on true events.

Michael thought the past was over, that the exorcism of a decade ago had closed the door. But when Michael’s family dies, he’s drawn towards a strange presence. This presence, Six, teases Michael, showing him a history, forcing him to write it all down, but why? The visions Michael is given begin to unravel a twisted story of two families bound together by a sinister force. As the events become more overwhelming, Michael allows Six to access a part of himself he denied the beast years ago. He realized no matter how far he ran from his past, there was no escaping Six.

As Michael is struggling to survive, another man, Father Covington, enters the room Michael occupied for days. The young priest sees Michael, a chair, and hundreds of pages of parchment flying around the room moments before a set of large doors slams shut, sealing them inside. The pages call to the young priest, playing on his curiosity, but he buries his desire, his fears, and tries to help the broken man. As he does, an overwhelming chill closes in around them, forcing Father Covington towards the chair and the forming book. He sits upon the chair, finding comfort in the support of the old wood. Suddenly, he’s somewhere else, inside someone else, experiencing a world he’d never know.

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