Night Terrors Vol. 9: Short Horror Stories Anthology by Multiple Authors

Night Terrors Vol. 9: Short Horror Stories AnthologyMultiple Authors


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Your worst nightmares stalk you from the shadows…

Polluted waters unleash a bloodthirsty terror in a small Ontario town. A father and daughter seek sanctuary in an old village church, only to discover that evil knows no bounds. And insanity plagues a young girl, as she struggles to prove the monster in her basement is not a figment of her imagination…

Evil is unleashed in Scare Street’s latest bone-chilling collection of supernatural horror. Fourteen tales of terror lurk within this new volume–more than enough to give even the bravest soul a reason to fear the night.

As your eyes flutter open, you can still see dark images in your mind… Horrifying monsters, demons, and ghouls with a hunger for human flesh. You could hear their cries, feel their razor-sharp claws against your skin. But was it real? Or was it just another bad dream?

Then you hear footsteps in the shadows beyond your bed. And a hungry howl echoes through the night once more. A chill runs down your spine.

Because this time, the nightmare is real. And it’s getting closer…

This bone-chilling supernatural collection contains:
1. The Metamorphosis by Angelique Fawns
2. The Churchyard Grim by Warren Benedetto
3. In the Pale Blue Light by J. Z. Pitts
4. Josephine’s Darlings by K. D. Bowers
5. Last Dance by Sean Goulding
6. Elias Loch by D. M. Woolston
7. Eddie by Sinéad McCabe
8. The Rustle of Autumn Leaves by Bryson Tuckerman
9. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Carl Hughes
10. Black Mold by Stuart Hardy
11. Awash by Dominick Cancilla
12. Cicada’s Song by Holley Cornetto
13. The Cats in the Walls by Thomas C. Mavroudis
14. In Rose Hall by Ron Ripley

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