Moran and Moran

Moran and MoranRon Ripley


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For Shane Ryan, ghost hunting isn’t just a job. It’s war…

Still recovering from his recent tragedy, retired marine Shane Ryan receives a call from James Moran, a well-known dealer of haunted items in New England. A robbery gone wrong has left Moran with a trail of dead bodies, and a missing box of items from his inventory. And he wants Shane to track down the thief.

There’s not much to go on, but Shane has an ace up his sleeve… he can communicate with the spirits of the dead. Their dark whispers guide him to a string of similar crimes. Each victim is a collector of the supernatural, but unless Shane can locate the missing thief, he has no way to connect them to the bloody killing at Moran’s.

As he pieces together the clues, he soon encounters Derek… a vicious spirit bound to a stolen artifact from Moran’s shop. Shane realizes he can use this bloodthirsty ghost to lead him to the thief’s lair. But there’s just one problem.

The organization behind the robberies have bigger, more dangerous plans. They’re determined to bring Shane’s investigation to an end.

And they don’t care who they have to kill to do it…

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