Mutt by Lee Glenwright

MuttLee Glenwright


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Matthew Locke lives in a place that he has hated for far too long. A sprawling, violent, dirty city where no one cares, and most people would sooner beat you to a pulp as look at you. He exists day to day, getting by in the shadow of his ex-girlfriend and her possessive new partner.
At least the city provides a cover of sorts.
He has no love for what he is, either, whatever that might be. He does what he does because he needs to, not because he likes or wants to. So, when it seems that a serial killer is stalking the streets of the city, claiming the lives of the sort of people least likely to be missed, Matt gladly takes advantage of the situation. Before too long however, he starts to realise that the killer might have an agenda of their own, and the police might soon start to have the same suspicions. Matthew Locke will have to make a choice; whether to accept what he really is, as well as what he can be. He will find that, whether he likes it or not, sometimes, change is necessary in more ways than one.
A novel from Lee Glenwright, author of Ripe, and Others.

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