Those Who Hunger: An Amish Vampire Thriller by Owen Banner

Those Who Hunger: An Amish Vampire ThrillerOwen Banner


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A literary thriller that culls the lurking dread and primal hunger of the vampire myth, but leaves the cliches at the door. 

Stephen King’s Needful Things meets The Poisonwood Bible in an evocative vampire tale as fresh and inventive as The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires.

In rural Pennsylvania, a teenage boy is mauled to death. 

Hadassah Zook knows what happened, but she isn’t telling. There’s a dreadful secret buried between the furrows of her upright, simple Amish valley.

Another murder lights a fire of suspicion and prejudice in the community. It threatens to destroy everything. The killings draw in two FBI detectives: Jacobo Barrabas and Keith Linguard. But they aren’t the only ones on the hunt in Big Valley.

What Readers are Saying:

“It, honestly, blew me away…”

“A wild ride from start to finish…” 

“A wonderfully woven tapestry of vampire horror and suspense.”

“Bloody, merciless, and highly suspenseful…”

“Unique, atmospheric, and thrilling…”

“A complex, spine-chilling tale…”

“A wildly engaging story…”

“A creative, original, and thrilling read!”

“Vampires with a more mature and complex plot.”

“Engaging and fresh…”

“Compelling and difficult to put down…”

“…had me hooked from cover to cover.”

“I will likely be thinking of this for a long time.”

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