Drovers and Demons: A Weird Tale of the Old West (Murphy and Loco Book 1) by Scott Langrel

Drovers and Demons: A Weird Tale of the Old West (Murphy and Loco Book 1)Scott Langrel


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The Old West was wilder than you’ve ever imagined.

The Old West is full of legends about gunfighters, gamblers, and Indian fighters. But there was a darker side to this time period, a time in which demons, spirits, and monsters roamed the plains and mesas, preying upon unwary settlers with impunity.

Into this frightening scenario strode a rare breed of men: Paranormal Wranglers. More elite than even the fabled Texas Rangers, these brave men were the first and last line of defense between innocent people and things that go bump in the night. And, just like the Mounties, they always got their man. Or demon. Or whatever.

Or, at least, they tried really hard to.

Murphy O’Bannon is a hired gun. Loco is a Dartmouth-educated Apache. Together, they team up to save the West from an ancient enemy, the Anasazi, and an archdaemon as old as time itself. If they survive, they’ll form a bond which may prove unbreakable by the powers of darkness.

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