Dark Harvest Ani-Motion Mask

Dark Harvest Ani-Motion Mask


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It’s a pretty good time to be a pumpkin. On top of the annual autumn surge of pumpkin pies and jack-o-lanterns, which has provided our favorite gourds with a reliable jolt of publicity for many years, we’ve recently seen a huge upturn in pumpkin spice products. Between lattes, candles, ice cream, and all of the other pumpkin spice favorites that fill the shelves every fall, these are boom years for our favorite member of the squash family. Unless, of course, you happen to be the kind of pumpkin who objects to being carved up and eaten.

This ghoulish gourd wants to make it perfectly clear: this is one pumpkin who’s not going gracefully into your Thanksgiving pie. The gnarled, distorted pumpkin head is creepy enough on its own, but this particular Ani-Motion mask features lifelike animated movements for an extra dash of terror. Wear it to your next costume party and watch the other guests swear off pumpkin spice lattes one by one as the mouth opens and closes with a sinister snarl. Just try to stick a candle in this guy’s head – we dare you!