Uncivil War: Evolution  by B.T. Wright

Uncivil War: Evolution B.T. Wright


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They're getting smarter. And there's something they want.

Thirteen-year-old Amy Turner has a gift. Jake Maddox doesn't know exactly how it works, but he understands it could be the only thing left that can help humanity fight back against their terrifying new enemy. But that means he and his tight-knit group of survivors must leave the safe confines of their well-stocked bunker. And go out there . . . with them.

Jake knows the 450-mile journey to the scientists waiting at the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center will be fraught with danger. What he didn't expect was to find that Amy's abilities are far more powerful than he ever imagined. However, this power has unforeseen consequences–the infected now know where to find her.

With daylight fading, and the infected closing in all around them, the aliens' only weakness must quickly become Jake's biggest strength. Because it's no longer just the lives of his loved ones that hang in the balance . . . it is the fate of the entire world.

If you enjoy books by A.G. Riddle, Justin Cronin, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jack Hunt, Bobby Akart, Michael C. Grumley, Kyla Stone, Chris Pike, Ryan Westfield, Harley Tate, Mike Kraus, and Mike Sheridan, you'll love the Uncivil War series.

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