Lamp of the Baron

Lamp of the Baron


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This human bone lamp consists of a rich mahagany stained wood base with its edges burnt and coated with several layers of a high gloss epoxy to allow the wood grain to truely pop. Stemming from the base is a full spinal column with not one macabre detail forgotten. Resting at the top of the vertebrae and a Catacomb culture skull with a light bulb shining where the mandible would be.

-Hand crafted signature Catacomb Culture sculptures are casted from custom molds with hand poured resins. I spend hours/days with with each piece adding unique details, then treated with various stains and paints.
-All products are made to order and rely on raw material delivery to my studio. I also partially rely on product payment which processes for about a week. So please message me for express orders / deadlines or allow up to 1 to 3+ weeks for me to sculpt the order to ship.
-I am one artist creating made to order specialty items. I offer no refunds and orders may take longer then expected to ship. Thank you for you patience and understanding.