SCREAM OF THE DAY – {04-01-2019}

 Where the Gods Sleep  by Mike Duke

Where the Gods Sleep Mike Duke


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From the author of “Low” and “Ashley’s Tale” a new cosmic horror novel.

We have made a grave error in vigilance, brothers. The dark comet has drawn near. The cultists have selected a vessel. He dreams of the hidden place, where the Gods Sleep, banished there by our Lord.

After centuries of inactivity, Korrobbathith and his followers are attempting, once more, to open the gate.

We must move with haste if we hope to stop them.

You know the consequences of failure. Korrobbothith and the other gods will walk this earth again, and I fear, this time, they will not remain in the shadows. None of us – man, woman, or child – will find refuge from their barbaric reign unless we submit and serve them.

God help us all if we are too late.

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