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Prospero's Mirror by A. N. Donaldson

Prospero’s MirrorA. N. Donaldson


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‘What is read cannot be unread.’

Oxford, 1935.
An exhausted nation is recovering from one Great War…and girding itself for the next one. MR James, Britain’s greatest writer of ghost stories, is summoned by the Warden of Old College to examine an ancient stone mirror. But he soon finds himself drawn into a dark maze of secrets, including one from his own guilty past.

Oxford 1665.
At a time when established orthodoxies are being challenged by the new science, Warden Woodward of Old College acquired the same mirror. He soon suspects conspiracy and witchcraft in a city besieged by plague. Assailed by devastating visitors, caught between fears of an ancient curse and the World Wars of the future, two men from different centuries are forced to delve into a dreadful secret and confront their own demons. But is self-reflection the most dangerous thing of all?

Prospero’s Mirror is a brilliantly imaginative novel that brings MR James, the master of the horror story, vividly to life in a story as dark and gripping as any of his own creations. It includes free stories by MR James and Edgar Allen Poe.

>h2> Praise for A. N. Donaldson

‘Necromancy, witchcraft and gruesome goings on among the dreaming spires. This historically based, well researched and beautifully written blood chiller will have you looking over your shoulder for nameless horrors.’ – Stella Rimington, former Director-General of MI5, and best-selling author of ‘The Geneva Trap’.

“Alasdair Donaldson has written a splendidly spooky first novel, vividly combining the horrors of plague-ridden 17th century Oxford with mysterious goings on in the wintry city in the inter-war years.” – Frances Cairncross, Principal of Exeter College, Oxford.

A. N. Donaldson studied Philosophy and Economics at Oxford, before working as a barrister in Lincoln’s Inn and the City of London.

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The Reddening by Adam Nevill

The ReddeningAdam Nevill


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One million years of evolution didn’t change our nature. Nor did it bury the horrors predating civilisation. Ancient rites, old deities and savage ways can reappear in the places you least expect.

Lifestyle journalist Katrine escaped past traumas by moving to a coast renowned for seaside holidays and natural beauty. But when a vast hoard of human remains and prehistoric artefacts is discovered in nearby Brickburgh, a hideous shadow engulfs her life.

Helene, a disillusioned lone parent, lost her brother, Lincoln, six years ago. Disturbing subterranean noises he recorded prior to vanishing, draw her to Brickburgh’s caves. A site where early humans butchered each other across sixty thousand years. Upon the walls, images of their nameless gods remain.

Amidst rumours of drug plantations and new sightings of the mythical red folk, it also appears that the inquisitive have been disappearing from this remote part of the world for years. A rural idyll where outsiders are unwelcome and where an infernal power is believed to linger beneath the earth. A timeless supernormal influence that only the desperate would dream of confronting. But to save themselves and those they love, and to thwart a crimson tide of pitiless barbarity, Kat and Helene are given no choice. They were involved and condemned before they knew it.

‘The Reddening’ is an epic story of folk and prehistoric horrors written by Adam Nevill, the author of ‘The Ritual’, ‘Last Days’, ‘No One Gets Out Alive’ and the three times winner of The August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel.

Praise for The Reddening:

“Supernatural horror does not get much better than The Reddening. If you’re a fan of slow build-ups, heavy atmosphere, superb and intricate plotting, bloodletting and a novel which has a unique sense of time and place then you are going to love this quality story. 5/5.” Gingernuts of Horror.

“‘The Reddening’ is an intense, chokehold of a novel. It grips from the start and holds you down as it makes you consume the horrors within.” This is Horror.

“Pick this one up for the gore, high tension, and superb writing. 5 Stars.” Nightworms.

“All the stars. This book, THE REDDENING by Adam Nevill gets all the stars from me because this is the kind of horror I want to read all of my days. This will definitely make my Best Books of 2019 list.” Mother Horror, Goodreads.

“A book that is powerfully visceral in all senses of the word, but it’s also fiercely intelligent – this is powerful, razor-sharp writing.” Hypnogoria.

“Nevill’s ability to set a mood and maintain that mood throughout a novel is what sets him apart from many of his contemporaries. It doesn’t take long to figure out you’re reading a Nevill book based solely on the descriptions of the setting and characters . . . Easily a strong 5/5 on this one.” Horror Bound.

“Nevill does an immaculate job of describing the environments within these pages. It was easy for me to close my eyes and envision the cliffs, the paths, the caves of a country that I’ve never been to.” Steel Rain Reviews.

“It’s the paciest book Adam has written, hurtling along, drawing the reader towards its horrifying climax. The writing throughout is of the highest quality, nothing is sacrificed to the momentum of the plot and the characters populating the story are perfectly drawn; real people facing an unreal situation. The use of location is particularly effective here, the eerie landscape of South Devon a character in itself.” Anthony Watson.

“‘The Reddening’ is Nevill’s Devon ‘Wickerman’, and under his spell you might well, like me, shrivel into Edward Woodward hollering a heartfelt, yet impotent “Jesus. Jesus Christ!”” Patti’s Blogspot.

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Baba Lenka: Pure Occult Horror by Sarah England

Baba Lenka: Pure Occult HorrorSarah England


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1970, and Baba Lenka begins in an icy Bavarian village with a highly unorthodox funeral. The deceased is Baba Lenka, great-grandmother to Eva Hart. But a terrible thing happens at the funeral, and from that moment on everything changes for seven year old Eva. The family fly back to Yorkshire but it seems the cold Alpine winds have followed them home…and the ghost of Baba Lenka has followed Eva. This is a story of demonic sorcery and occult practices during the World Wars, the horrors of which are drip-fed into young Eva’s mind to devastating effect. Once again, this is absolutely not for the faint of heart. Nightmares pretty much guaranteed…

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