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                                                                                Fear Factory: Horror Stories                                                 by John Raptor

Fear Factory: Horror Stories John Raptor


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8 dark, disturbing, and creepy stories by John Raptor (author of the controversial/provocative Trigger Warning and Hell High):


In the windy streets of Chicago, near Millennium Park, a serial killer is cutting out prostitutes’ eyes and replacing them with big black buttons–but that’s not the strangest part. FBI Agent James Harris is witnessing these murders as they take place. Not with his eyes, but in his mind.

Weirder yet, The Prostitute Killer is privy to James’ sins: the affair with his FBI partner and the night club where he picks up girls.

The killer believes that he and James share a twisted past, and he wants two things: 1. For James to confess his sins and 2. A meeting with James–in private.

If James does not comply, the killer will make sure James’ wife and daughter end up looking like those dead whores.

2. Bloodlust

In this dark, psychological thriller, a head injury transforms a brain surgeon into a serial killer.

When a thug shoots brain surgeon Alex Dien in the head, he slips into a coma and awakens a blood-thirsty monster. Voices whisper in his ear, prompting him to stab, drown, and strangle. Soon, the bodies pile up and the FBI gets involved. In the end, Alex must choose to listen to the voices in his head, or save his wife and daughter–from himself.

3. Veritas

Special Agent Pillar LaPorte goes to Hell, North Dakota, to investigate the Mark of the Beast Murders: two victims–one burned alive, the other with his face slashed open–both marked with 666. Teaming up with her is Father Adam Harris, a local priest who is part of a group called Veritas (Latin for “Truth”), which investigates miracles, stigmata, and demon possession. Pillar suspects a local Mormon Bishop is responsible for the murders, but Adam believes it may be something more powerful: a demon, or possibly, God.

4. Dark Side

Jean wakes up in a world he does not recognize, on the run with three others from something called the Mafushcuhi: mutants who survived a nuclear holocaust. No one remembers who they used to be. Their brains have been pumped full of drugs, memories, personalities. Within one of them is the key to the universe that will allow the Mafushcuhi to open a portal in space and time, and stop the holocaust from ever happening. But doing so could disrupt the space-time continuum and destroy everything. Jean questions whether he can really trust his companions–after all, he has no memories of them. Are they being truthful, or do they have another agenda?

5. The Nightmare Project

Jack and Julie constantly have nightmares with one thing in common: a man in a long black trench coat, his face hidden beneath a rain hat. In a private lab, doctors monitor Jack and Julie’s nightmares through something called the Dream Feed. Most the doctors believe the shared dreams can be explained by Carl Jung’s collective unconscious, but one crackpot believes that the Dark Man is actually a demon. Jack and Julie discover the truth when they decide to confront the Dark Man in a shared nightmare.

6. Forward

In the small town of McClusky, North Dakota, a girl is stabbed to death after receiving a disturbing email. Her two best friends, Elsa and Eric, are terrified when they too receive the email: a picture of a dead woman on a stretch of highway.

7. Tommy

George Perkin’s cat is possessed by Satan–which is rather unfortunate. With the help of three living-breathing clichés (religious fanatic, dumb blonde, and rapping black guy), Perkins must stab the cat through the heart with a dagger dipped in Evian water. Unfortunately, a possessed cat may be the least of their problems.

8. Flagg Hill

At a Christian summer camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a boy meets the love of his life. But things turn ugly when a psychotic pastor shows up. This demented man believes sexual purity can only be obtained through bloodshed. Girls vs Boys–the campers must play the most dangerous game of all.

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                                                                                Ghost Song: The Haunting Of Denby Manor                                                 by Mark L'Estrange

Ghost Song: The Haunting Of Denby Manor Mark L’Estrange


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A family curse can reach across generations.

After bank manager Jonathan Ward inherits an old manor, strange things begin to happen. On his first night at the property, a beautiful young woman appears outside his door, pleading for help. Moments later, she has disappeared.

Strange apparitions and unearthly sounds follow, as does the young woman seeking refuge. Desperate for information, Jonathan turns to the vast knowledge of the town librarian for help.

As the dark history of the manor unfolds, Jonathan begins to realize the full extent of the horror to come. Is it too late to save those dearest to him… and himself?


★★★★★ – “A tale that will haunt readers for generations to come. A great ghost story.”

★★★★★ – “Well written and compelling. I highly recommend this book.”

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                                                                                The Seven Deadliest                                                 by Multiple Authors

The Seven Deadliest Multiple Authors


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Deal availability may change without notice! Prices may vary from store to store. Due to international copyright, availability and pricing may vary outside of the US.


Throughout history, there have been certain moral evils so entangling, so alluring, that they routinely give birth to countless other evils in the hearts of human beings. From antiquity, these “capital vices” have been known as the seven deadly sins.Now, from the editors who brought you Cutting Block Single Slices and Shadows Over Main Street, comes an all-new novella anthology featuring seven dark fiction authors at the top of their games, each writing passionately about one of The Seven Deadliest sins. Inside these pages:John C. Foster spins “Gilda,” a yarn about Avarice;Bracken MacLeod takes us on the road to Wrath with “A Short Madness”;Kasey Lansdale’s “Cap Diamant” teaches us the steep cost of Pride;Brian Kirk lays bare the Jealousy hidden beneath affluence in “Chisel and Stone”;Rena Mason reveals a new and terrifying guise of Sloth in “Clevengers of the Carrion Sea”;Richard Thomas examines Lust in his dystopian “Ring of Fire”; andJohn F.D. Taff feeds us the darker aspects of Gluttony in “All You Care to Eat.”These dark tales from a cabal of highly regarded and award-winning authors hold nothing back, so turn the pages and feast your eyes. The Seven Deadliest sins await you.

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