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Rosie by Jonathan Dunne


A deep well of the darkest wishes.

Rosie and Victor Ryan, real estate investors, land a massive sale to the mystery buyer of Wishing Well House. But the same night the Ryan family celebrate the sale, a bizarre accident robs Rosie of her mobility, freezing their idyllic life in tragedy.

Victor volunteers to be quadriplegic Rosie’s full-time caregiver. But the accident has turned his wife into a paranoid stranger in a wheelchair she calls Winter. Rosie is convinced an evil entity of untold horror lurks outside their house and is trying to come in. Her obsession with protecting the household triggers Victor’s descent into madness.

As the Ryan household spirals in claustrophobic dread and terrifying secrets, the eccentric occupants of Wishing Well House carry out a shocking ceremony with sinister results.

A mother’s love knows no bounds.

Deal End Date: 2023-11-12