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Standard Promotion

For authors and publishers looking to promote a book that is regularly priced ($0.00 to $9.99).

  • Available in 2-Day, 3-Day, 5-Day and 7-Day packages.
  • Book price must remain the same for the duration of the promotion.
  • Promotion costs start from $24.


Campaign Promotion

For authors and publishers looking for deeper market penetration. Book may be on sale or regularly priced.

  • Available in a 30-Day package.
  • Book price may change during promotion, however price may not exceed the
  • maximum book price limit on whichever site the promotion is running and may
  • not exceed $9.99 on any site.
  • Promotion costs start from $337 (save 10% off suggested retail price!)
  • Promotion may be auto-renewed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Satisfaction Guarantee?

If for some reason you don’t get any click throughs or purchases of your book, we’ll re-run it for free at a later day. This applies to the same book only and not another book in the library or series. If a book is run multiple times without any click throughs or sales a refund will be considered.

How Often Can I Promote My Book?

As an author of publisher you can submit as many books as you would like each month. We only ask that you do not submit the same title more than once per 30 days.

Do You Accept Landing Pages?

Yes…Absolutely! We all books that are using landing pages as part of your promotions. If you use the landing page link on say the Amazon US link field we just ask that you make your book easily accessible to the reader. Using a site like ClickFunnels can help with this.

Do You Accept Pre-Order Books?

Yes, we would be happy to promote your pre-order book!

Do You Only Accept Free And Bargain Book Deals?

No. We accept all books at any price. However, please keep in mind that free and bargain books tend to do better. Your book cover and description really help at higher price points.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Your Book Promotional Service?

Our service helps you increase your book sales. In addition to generating more sales you will most likely get reviews from those sales and create a new fan. These fans might even like your Amazon author page, if they do, Amazon will send them updates on you and your books. Lastly, you can grow your email list by driving readers to your opt-in lists. If you need help setting up opt-in lists just contact Chelsea and she can help.

Have a question?

Contact us here and we’ll be happy to help you out.