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Alice Cooper’s HorrorBox

Alice Cooper’s HorrorBox


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PLAY TOGETHER: Playable with family and friends and more fun with groups between 4-10 people. The ultimate horror movies game for you and your scary movie loving friends! This HorrorBox card game comes with 420 freaky cards!

STAY IN: Haunted houses are overrated anyways! Alice Cooper’s HorrorBox is perfect for your scary Halloween game night in. From complimenting Annabelle’s hair, beating “The Ring” because you don’t have a VHS player or even a scientologist zombie, this frightening card game has something for your night indoors.

GIVING: Know someone who loves Michael Myers, movie trivia, and a good laugh? The HorrorBox is the perfect Friday the 13th game for them. This Freddy Krueger friendly card game will have them bringing a haunted doll to a gun fight, making eye contact with themselves or even defending Jason’s mother with this inappropriate scary gift!

JAM OUT: The HorrorBox is Alice Cooper approved! Listen to our partner Alice Cooper when playing this adult party game. His classic rock music will “Poison” your mind and have you yelling “School’s Out”